Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 / Airport operation

  AFIP  / Customs and tax documentation

  Agro Aceitunera S.A. (Nucete) / Food Industry

  Aspro GNC / Compressed natural gas

  Autosal S.A. (Koh-i-noor) / Household appliances

  CEAR (Argentina-Russia Business Council) / Trade

  Cemaru S.A. / Car Industry

  Frigorífico Rioplatense S.A. / Food Industry

  Frigorífico Gorina S.A. / Food Industry

  Hojalmar S.A. / Food Industry

  Illusion Studios / Show business

  Inplex Venados S.A. / Agricultural Industry

  KGM Trade / KGM Operaciones / Trade

  Laboratorio Bio Sidus S.A. / Pharmaceuticals Industry

  Laboratorio Pablo Cassará / Pharmaceuticals Industry

  Laboratorios Raffo S.A. / Pharmaceuticals Industry

  Laboratorios Glenmark-Generics S.A. / Pharmaceuticals Industry

  Malefu Agropecuaria / Trade

  Foreign Office / Official

  Ovoprot S.A. / Food Industry

  Sancor Cooperativas Unidas Limitada / Food Industry

  Síntesis Química S.R.L. / Agrochemical products

  Tenaris Siderca / Oil and Gas Industry